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Mother’s Awakening Changed Everything!

Many years ago, when the sapiens were at their peak, when their technology, ambition and greed were poised to take them beyond this world to the stars, they dug too deep in the ground, and awoke Mother.  Her response cleansed the world of almost all its refined metal and synthetic material. Weapons, machines and conveniences became rarities. 

In this time of chaos, the divisions of the world shifted. Many of the survivors returned to a simpler way of living, to connection with the earth. Mother would begin to empower her own.   Others would discover new technologies, mysteries and magic.  Much changed in this new world, but sadly, hatred lived on. We are among the most hated.  They call us mongrels, and it’s up to us to protect  our own.  Looking at our  group, you might just see a soldier, a coward, a princess, a fighter, a monster, a martyr, and a traitor.  That was the way  we saw ourselves when we first met.  After that, we were much more.  We were a family.  We were sisters.

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Mr. Stephen Blackmon was very instrumental in helping me with my first book.  His professional attitude and courteous manner made it easy to work with. His attention to details and understanding heart were beyond measure.  He is such an encouraging person, with a beautiful heart and a lot of patience.  His illustrations are a brilliant … Continue reading “Ms. Dorothy J. Powe Respectfully and Humbly Submitted

Ms. Dorothy J. Powe Respectfully and Humbly Submitted

I’ve personally known and been working with Stephen Blackmon and Consuming Fire for over 13 years. And I must say that I have been very pleased with his work. I find him to be a man of extreme character and ethics and one who operates his business affairs with the utmost integrity. His insight, friendliness, … Continue reading “Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. Founder/Pastor – “THE HOUSE” Church

Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. Founder/Pastor – “THE HOUSE” Church

Consuming Fire walked me through the publication of my novel. I was comforted and encouraged by their top quality service! They brought my words to life! My next book will definitely pass through their capable hands. I recommend them regularly and will continue to do so.

David Firestone Author of Bergman’s Fire

My experience working with Mr. Blackmon and Consuming Fire has always produced high quality products in a timely manner.”

Jessica Wright, Perfecting Saints Church