Consuming Fire

is a Design & Development firm helping organizations thrive in our Digital age

Administration & Technology

Consuming Fire Incorporated offers a number of services that will help you streamline your operations; increase revenue, decrease costs and make the most of the money you have.

Financial Coaching

Our consultants have over 30 years of experience handling corporate finances from sole proprietorships to non-profits to corporations and even government funds. We can help you launch a new business, rearrange your financial structure, reduce your costs and find money in places you never thought to
look. We cover methods and areas of investment as well as offer accounting services.

Software & Database Development

Our programming staff is capable of building databases and customized software to fit the need of nearly any organization. We can save you considerable time and money through providing organization and additional customer value.

Corporate Identity

We create innovative corporate images, from logos and letterhead to advertising and websites. We create professional memorable jingles for use on the radio or in television commercials.

Interactive Services

Speak with one of our representatives about data entry or call centers. Let us show you how we can save you thousands of dollars per month, generate vast amounts of quality sales leads and expose your organization to a much larger market.


Transcription services are also available for various industries including legal, ministerial, corporate and others.


Mr. Stephen Blackmon was very instrumental in helping me with my first book.  His professional attitude and courteous manner made it easy to work with. His attention to details and understanding heart were beyond measure.  He is such an encouraging person, with a beautiful heart and a lot of patience.  His illustrations are a brilliant … Continue reading “Ms. Dorothy J. Powe Respectfully and Humbly Submitted

Ms. Dorothy J. Powe Respectfully and Humbly Submitted

I’ve personally known and been working with Stephen Blackmon and Consuming Fire for over 13 years. And I must say that I have been very pleased with his work. I find him to be a man of extreme character and ethics and one who operates his business affairs with the utmost integrity. His insight, friendliness, … Continue reading “Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. Founder/Pastor – “THE HOUSE” Church

Dr. Johnny L. Magee, Jr. Founder/Pastor – “THE HOUSE” Church

Consuming Fire walked me through the publication of my novel. I was comforted and encouraged by their top quality service! They brought my words to life! My next book will definitely pass through their capable hands. I recommend them regularly and will continue to do so.

David Firestone Author of Bergman’s Fire

My experience working with Mr. Blackmon and Consuming Fire has always produced high quality products in a timely manner.”

Jessica Wright, Perfecting Saints Church