CFI Marketing is the flagship company of a new multi-media
corporation that is making its mark on this region. CFI
combines great personalized service with the highest quality
standards to offer your organization the best public image
possible. In a society that is oversaturated with media, CFI
Marketing will help you speak louder than the thousand other
voices vying for your audience’s attention.

CFI Marketing is a full service marketing firm offering
everything from graphic design and corporate branding, to
web and product design, to market research, business plans
and strategic planning to radio and television commercials.
We help you grow to the next level.


Stephen Blackmon, our acting president and creative director, is a
published author and gifted communicator across multiple media
platforms. He is the former editor of two magazines (one literary, one
commercial). He has served as the public relations and media
manager for one of Virginia’s fastest growing Christian ministries.
There he oversaw all advertising, professional quality audio and
television production and multiple website, print and multi media

He holds a MBA in Media Management from Regent University and his
first novel is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2008.

We have offices in Hampton, Virginia, and Chennai, India.



Contact Us Today:
(757) 753-3104
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